About us

Source and preparation of water

Avalon water has a natural source. After extensive research and exploration, we found the perfect location where ideal artesian water flows. This well is located in an ecologically clean area near the resort of Vorzel, where natural harmony prevails. We combine the power of nature and modern technology to extract and preserve the water’s unique properties in our production.

We extract artesian water for our products from a depth of 108 meters in the Cenomanian aquifer. The benefit of this water lies in its natural saturation with elements that are beneficial to the human body, such as calcium and magnesium.

Another factor is that due to its significant depth and a thick layer of minerals, artesian water is reliably protected from the negative impact of environmental factors. All of this ensures that Avalon water has a high-quality physical and chemical structure and provides the natural taste of artesian water.

Mechanical filtration

We purify our water from insoluble impurities and abrasive particles, using a powerful filter system at this stage.

Complex purification

The installation of complex purification softens the water and minimizes the content of hardness salts that create scale and sediment.

Sorption purification

By purifying water through sorption, we improve the organoleptic indicators of natural artesian water.

Chemical-free disinfection

We use ultraviolet radiation from UV lamps, to disinfect and sterilize water from harmful bacteria, avoiding chemical reagents.

We invite you to take a glimpse into the heart of Avalon

Join us on a virtual tour of the Avalon Group facility, where the magic of water production happens. Witness the harmony of nature and innovative technologies working together to create water of exceptional quality and taste.

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Avalon is your perfect shape!

Our own innovative laboratory with modern quality control methods is the most important place where every batch of Avalon products is controlled.

Modern laboratory

In our laboratory, we conduct physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of Idexx Water USA for both water during extraction and finished products, to ensure compliance with DSTU (National Standard of Ukraine), ISO, HACCP, SanPin (sanitary rules and norms) requirements. Therefore, our water is perfect for both daily consumption and for cooking and beverages. The quality of our products is confirmed by certificates.

Scientific research

We not only extract water and produce beverages but also thoroughly research and constantly analyze the quality indicators of raw materials, production processes, and finished products, using the latest methodologies.

Innovation and the power of nature

The balance of these two directions allows us to create a product of perfect quality. At Avalon factory, all processes are built with maximum energy efficiency in mind. The latest Ukrainian and European equipment helps us with this.

Quality control laboratory

We conduct physical-chemical and microbiological research at every stage of the production process.

Fully automated bottling line

The entire water bottling process is automated, which eliminates external interference and the presence of foreign bodies and harmful bacteria in the product.


The composition of Avalon water is optimally balanced. Our water provides vital energy and ensures excellent well-being.

Energy efficiency and safety

We use maximum energy-efficient technological processes in production. We use packaging made only from safe materials and technologies for our beverages and water bottling.

Water, like life, can not be stopped.

We followed this motto when we opened the Avalon Group enterprise during the war. We had no fear, no doubts, because we believe in the future of Ukraine, and we aim to create a high-quality product for you, our dear consumers. Our team consists of professionals in their field, and our production facilities are assembled with high-tech Ukrainian and European equipment. Therefore, an interesting and long road awaits us.